New business, new beginnings

New seasons, new starts It imbues such a great feeling of new beginnings. Heading to the SFA National Small Business Showcase in the RDS today. Looking forward to seeing all the finalists in the SFA Small Business Awards. Small businesses, Start-ups and growing businesses all showcasing entrepreneurship and innovation.  New beginnings and new businesses. What are the main challenges people come to talk to us about in relation to their businesses? Structure – its a whole new challenge to move from employment to running a business. Competition  – or the threat of! Remember competition is good, it keeps us all on our toes, prevents us getting complacent in our businesses. Growth, a defined growth strategy is important if you want to develop and grow the business. It doesn’t happen by chance. And Market entry strategies – leveraging resources and capabilities to enter the market and subsequently increase market share. Why do people come to us?  We make our clients businesses successful. Its not about us, its about you!