We work with businesses and business owners  to achieve their business start up and business growth objectives . We help them identify their vision for their business and put in place the business strategy, the business structure and the financial supports to achieve those goals. This is achieved in a number of ways :-

Business and Executive Coaching

What is Corporate/Business Coaching? “A professional relationship designed to assist a client to identify and work towards achieving their personal and business goals or aspirations”. Please note all of our coaches are formally trained and 3rd level qualified as business and executive coaches. Business/Executive Coaching What developments would you...Read more »


Business in Mind provides consultancy to SMEs that are at Start Up, Development, Growth or Expansionary phases. From our experience Consulting over the past 10 years, our goal is to ensure our clients utilise their full resources and capabilities to ensure a competitive edge in...Read more »


Mentoring provides medium to long-term support that maximises an organsiation’s performance and therefore achieving the business potential. The mentor relationship is a longer term relationship, mentors ask the tough questions of you the business owner and they  motivate you to achieve higher levels of performance...Read more »


Training courses are tailored specifically to each client’s needs. Following consultation with the Business Onwer a course is developed to address the specific need/needs of the organisation in terms of Growth, Strategy, Planning . Our courses are tailored and customised to each specific business. All training...Read more »