Knowing Your customer

So I pride myself on understanding customers, on knowing how to research customers, what information we need to know/have before we start our businesses, how and why to identify customer drivers and motivations, how they make choices, why they make certain choices, what influences choice, whether the customer is a B2B customer or a B2C customer.  I meet so many business owners that I often feel like I know immediately who wants their business to succeed and will really put … Read more »

Getting Your Business Strategy Right

When it comes to your business, regardless of its size or sector, having a solid plan for the future, matters. Whether yours is a young medium-sized enterprise or a long-standing larger organisation, having a good business strategy is vital to the success of your company or brand. What exactly is strategy and what do you need to do to make it realistic and relevant? What needs to be in your plan? Figuring out where you want your business to be … Read more »

The Other Side of Life

So when we get FAQs we often get asked who are we? What are we about? What sort of people are we? Our website gives some insights into our professional identity but probably not so much about our personal identity. Having grown up in Dublin, our principal, Fiona Carmody was always keen to balance business life with country living. This goal was achieved 15 years ago. Fiona’s hobby outside of work is the Farm she runs with her husband John … Read more »

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