Mentoring provides medium to long-term support that maximises an organsiation’s performance and therefore achieving the business potential. The mentor relationship is a longer term relationship, mentors ask the tough questions of you the business owner and they  motivate you to achieve higher levels of performance for you and your business.

Many entrepreneurs attribute much of their success to the support and guidance they received from a business mentor.

Currently we provide specialist support for small and medium businesses in Start-up, Business Growth, Strategic Growth and Organisational Structuring for Growth.

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Organisational Growth through Executive Mentoring

In any business it is critical that you can identify who will be the CEO’s, Directors and Managers of tomorrow.

How does our Executive mentoring work? We work with organisations that wish to develop key staff members who have been identified as having the potential to go to the top and provide a  fast track way of developing the skills required

So, what type of activities could we cover with your high achieving executives?  For example:

  • Business Planning
  • Creative thinking, innovation and planning
  • Networking
  • Strategic Planning

If you know you want to rise to the top and want to fast track that rise, contact us directly.

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