As January comes to a close and we are 10 months into a series of lockdowns here in Ireland due to the Covid 19 Pandemic I am so grateful. I am one of the lucky ones. Everyone is well and business has been great, in fact more than great, it has been inspiring. For the past 12 months I have had the opportunity to work with some of the most amazing business owners. These owners have been willing to change, … Read more »

New Year, New You

Don’t you just dislike all those articles etc that go on about New Year, New You. Can I just say, there is no need for a new you. You are perfect as you are, a work in progress, continually growing, evolving and learning. However, your business may need a few new year tweaks, especially given the last 9 months of 2020. 2021 looks like it will continue throwing many challenges at us from a business perspective as well as a … Read more »

Learning from Clients

Yesterday I had a new client. We had never met. She was referred from a third party. We were both a little apprehensive about the first meeting. Would the other party meet our expectations? She wondered would I be any good? I wondered would she put in the work to achieve the business goals. Then we met and we both had our expectations exceeded. I learned a lot from her, as I always do from all my clients but she … Read more »

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