Vision for the future

Business in Mind was set up because of a desire to make businesses more effective and to ensure they achieved the level of success they wanted and they could aspire to.

To date we have supported many, many SMEs across all industry sectors. We have consulted, we have mentored, we have trained, we have coached and we have advised. We have provided an external viewpoint for business owners to support them to grow their businesses. 

We have developed plans, we have developed the capabilities within the organisation, we have found the finances. From time to time we have invested in some of these businesses to support them in their business growth plans.

Here at Business in Mind, our vision is to work with Entrepreneurs, whether they call themselves that or not, to achieve success for them.

We also look forward to investing in more businesses in the future.

If you have a business that is keen to export and you believe has a proven unique edge please contact us to discuss. If you have a unique business idea or product idea that you want develop and take to market, please contact us to discuss. 

We look forward to working with you.