New business, new beginnings

New seasons, new starts It imbues such a great feeling of new beginnings. Heading to the SFA National Small Business Showcase in the RDS today. Looking forward to seeing all the finalists in the SFA Small Business Awards. Small businesses, Start-ups and growing businesses all showcasing entrepreneurship and innovation.  New beginnings and new businesses. What are the main challenges people come to talk to us about in relation to their businesses? Structure – its a whole new challenge to move from employment … Read more »


Well, two months left in the year. This is the stage where our commitment to all those objectives often begins to flag. You get tired.  If this is you, refocus on that business. You came up with those original objectives because you identified weaknesses in the business, areas for improvement or gaps in the market that had not been addressed. This still applies. You cannot keep doing what you did every other year, no matter how well the business is … Read more »

And so 2016 is coming to a close!

What a year! First off from a business perspective,it has been hectic. Hectic in a great way! We have met so many new businesses. New start-ups, existing businesses and so many potential entrepreneurs. Our Start Your Own Business courses have been busier than ever – hopefully this is a sign of increased confidence in the economy. Really looking forward to working with many of these in 2017 as they kick off. Our role is behind the scenes with most businesses. … Read more »

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