Mentoring provides short to medium-term support that maximises an individual’s potential and enhances their performance.

Currently we provide specialist support for small and start up businesses in Start-up, Marketing, Sales, Business Development and General Management issues. The purpose of mentoring can include:

  • Utilise outside knowledge, skill or experience
  • Increase satisfaction with progress of business or business area
  • Realise the potential of the business or business area
  • Sense of stability while business goes through change
  • Supporting entrepreneurs overcome the sense of isolation
  • Assisting businesses develop strategies for coping with an economic downturn
  • Identify areas of weakness within the business and to develop turnaround strategies

Currently we are on the Mentor Panel for Enterprise Boards and Partnership companies as well as providing mentoring directly to client companies.

Organisational Growth through Executive Mentoring

In any business it is critical that you can identify who will be the CEO’s, Directors and Managers of tomorrow.
How does our Executive mentoring work. We work with organisations that wish to develop key staff members who have been identified as having the potential to go to the top. It caters for those people who have been identified as the leaders of tomorrow and need a fast track way of learning some more skills and knowledge in order to contribute more effectively to the organisation.
So, what type of activities could we cover with your high achieving executives?  For example:

  • Communication and interpersonal skills
  • Business Planning
  • Confidence building
  • Creative thinking and planning
  • Networking
  • Strategic Planning

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