And so 2016 is coming to a close!

What a year!

First off from a business perspective,it has been hectic. Hectic in a great way! We have met so many new businesses. New start-ups, existing businesses and so many potential entrepreneurs. Our Start Your Own Business courses have been busier than ever – hopefully this is a sign of increased confidence in the economy. Really looking forward to working with many of these in 2017 as they kick off.

Our role is behind the scenes with most businesses. We are invisible. We guide the business owners, tweak the business plans/business models, we focus the strategy, support in the tough decisions, enable growth and export plans and act as a sounding board for that business owner. At the end of every year I look back and review ‘ how did I add value to that company?’. Delighted to say 2016 was a good year.

Our customers got 100% of our attention in 2016. Business growth is evident for our client companies. Now for the remainder of 2016 our planning starts for those companies for 2017 to ensure they make the next step in their business growth journeys.

Looking forward to it already!


Local Enterprise Week March 2016

Local Enterprise Week runs from March 7th – 13th 2016 throughout Ireland. Each Local Enterprise Office (LEO) will hold a series of events aimed at supporting local businesses. Check out for more information.

We are working with Local Enterprise Office Meath on this event. Check out for a list of the eventsiin Meath. Meet with us to discuss Starting a Business, sourcing funding from Microfinance Ireland or to find out more about the services of the LEO. .


Start Your Own Business Spring 2016

Well Spring has arrived, evenings are getting longer. Business is always hectic at this time of the year. Our current group of Start Your Own Business participants are really motivated. The range of businesses are broad, the experience people are bringing to the table is strong and I am looking forward to seeing them hit the market later this year. With a considerable amount of market research completed, a detailed gap analysis and a personal SWOT analysis they are working hard to identify the best market position. Once they are ready to launch we will be posting about these businesses on Social Media so keep an eye out.